5 Signs you Should Hire a Contractor

With all of the home improvement DIY networks and Pinterest How-to’s, it’s sometimes easy to think you can tackle just about any renovation project on your own. While it may be tempting to take on a major home improvement project to save money, it’s not always wise to do it alone.

Here are five signs that you’ll likely need remodeling help from a professional:

  1. You’d like to remove that dated popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 1950’s and 60’s as a form of acoustic treatment. In 1978, this method was banned because the treatment contained asbestos, which can cause mesothelioma (a fatal cancer that affects the lining of the lungs). Despite the health risks, the government allowed builders to use up their on-hand materials after the ban was instilled. For that reason, popcorn ceilings installed post-1978 may still contain the carcinogenic material.


Scrape Your Popcorn Ceiling

That’s why you should not try to remove popcorn ceiling yourself! Contact a contractor who can connect you with a properly certified asbestos abatement company that can safely dismantle the ceiling and remove it from your home (without risking your family’s health)!

  1. You plan on taking down walls

Open floor plans are increasingly sought after among homeowners, but no demolition should ever be done without the proper tools and safety precautions! You must be 100% certain of the location of all load-bearing walls in the home. Even if the wall you want to remove isn’t load-bearing, you never know what lies behind a wall. There could be wiring, plumbing –or both, and you don’t want to risk hitting those things with a sledgehammer! The best course of action when taking down walls is to work with a professional remodeler.


Wall Demolition


  1. You’ll be dealing with electricity

    An accident with electrical wiring can cause fire, serious bodily injury, or even death. Always work with a professional when it comes to the electricity in your home.

DIY Electrical Work


  1. There is plumbing work involved

Messing around with plumbing when you don’t know what you’re doing can cause major issues in your home! You should not attempt to move or update plumbing on your own. Mistakes can lead to anything from a leaky faucet to damaged or burst pipes and severe water damage, which can lead to a whole separate set of problems, such as mold or rot. What a headache!


DIY Plumbing Work


  1. As much as you’d like to think so, you’re not a professional contractor

Professional contractors can DIY a home remodel, but homeowners who only dabble in occasional projects should step aside and leave the project to a professional.

Building may seem simple if you watch home improvement shows, but the truth is they are extremely complicated and require professional knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, just because you’ve tackled a few small DIY projects over the years doesn’t mean that you are able to take on an entire remodeling project.

DIY gone wrong!


Just remember, the cost of a single DIY mistake can be extremely high. If you attempt to take on the project yourself, you’re likely to make a costly mistake. In order to end up with the remodel of your dreams, it is best to work with professionals and keep yourself, your family, and your home safe throughout the process! Check out NARI/CT  to find a #professionalremodeler near you that is a #dedicatedprofessional who will help make your #dreamscometrue.

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